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Online Letter Carving Course

Learn how to carve letters in stone. 
After this online course you will be able to carve your own letters in stone.
It’s the first step in mastering this unique craft.


About this course

This online course mainly consists of high-quality instructional videos that cover all you need to know to learn carving letters in stone on your own. From discussing tools, materials and techniques to real-time demonstrations of preparatory exercises and letter carving. You will be able to watch Athar carve each exercise in real time from close-up and from an ideal vantage point. During the process, Athar will provide detailed explanations of his actions and guide you through each step.

The course also includes downloadable PDF sheets that complement the instructional videos.

Following the step by step process, the course will enable you to carve your first letters in stone in your own workspace and according to your own tempo.

Additionally, you can share the process with Athar through pictures and videos and he will be available through online video calls to answer your questions and help you out with additional comments and demos where needed.

It’s like you’re in class, except that you will be able to engage according to your agenda without missing out on anything!

What you will learn

  • Learn to carve letters in stone
  • Develop chiselling techniques
  • Design and proportions of Roman lettering
  • Aquire insight into letter design​

Course information

  • Estimated time: 30/60 hrs
  • Difficulty: beginner
  • Course instructor: Athar Jaber

Who is this course for

This letter carving course is suitable for people of all skill levels, whether you are a passionate beginner eager to learn, or a professional looking to expand your skill set. 

Letter Carving Online Course

Go beyond theory and immerse yourself in the process and techniques to master the art of letter carving.  

  • +6 hours of video lectures
  • Work sheets
  • Lifetime updates


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